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24 yo- Italian girl - Of Monsters and Men Italia - Art, Theatre, Music, Tattoo


Raggi at NDR 2 Soundcheck Neue Musik Festival

Photos by Johanna Edler

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(Source: yolico.de, via cat-draconis)

Of Monsters And Men - 2011 
credit to 1000damateur on deviantart.com
credit to AdrianoHidden on deviantart.com
Love this one.
Credit to the owner

Love this one.
Credit to the owner

Full album: http://m.imgur.com/a/2g5Vh
Credit to Jeffrey Becker & www.thewayhesings.com



Totally accurate

Totally accurate



Way too cute omg
Nanna @ Piper Club, Roma
credit Max Marcoccia
Arnar @ 97X NBT 2012 
credit to Douglas Mcconnell
Full Album: https://www.flickr.com/photos/dougemacc13/sets/72157633614222512/with/8792766508/

Taken from an Off Session video of Little Talks:


Dat face.
credit to Glen Brown 

Estragon, Bologna - 2013

credit to L. Bulfone